3d – concepts, visuals, animations.

I also specialise in 3D Visual communications. If it doesn’t exist I can model and visualise it to make it look like it does. I work with other creatives, interior designers, property developers, exhibition builders, transport designers, architects and marketing companies, helping realise their designs & concepts.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Promotional 3d Animations

Promotional 2d Animations

Video Editing

3d modelling & visuals

I can work from 2d drawings, sketches, photographs or import existing 3D CAD files to create any 3d model. Then I focus on the details: materials, textures, lighting and composition to ensure we produce results that are both convincing and compelling.

3d & 2d animation

Animation allows you to clearly show your customers how your product works. Instead of using complex flowcharts, sketches or spreadsheets to present an idea, animation showcases this by using clear visuals. You can demonstrate your product in ways that simply can’t be shown by static imagery.

3d Photomontage

3d Photomontage Visuals are created by using a photo as the background, and the 3d element is superimposed into it, giving a very realistic final result. They are particularly useful for interior planning and renovations.


3d Photomontage – Before & After